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3 Ways to Avoid Distractions While Working Remotely

Distractions come in all shapes and sizes and can be found at every type of workplace. You know the chatty coworker that has to tell you every detail of their “awesome weekend” and ends up stealing 15 minutes of your valuable work time when you were just trying to get a cup of coffee. But when you’re working remotely, there are new distractions that can be even harder to ignore–kids, pets, unorganized workspace, TV, the doorbell... the list goes on and on. Even the best employees can cave into distractions that can impact their productivity and potentially the quality of their work. If you’re new to working remotely because of COVID-19 or you have been working remotely for a while, here are some surefire ways to stay on task:


Creating a daily routine can minimize stress and make you much more productive. Begin by waking up at the same time. When you work from home, it can be tempting to stay in bed and hitting the snooze button. If you exercised before going into the office, you should continue to do so while you’re working remotely. You should also shower and get dressed. It’s tempting just to roll out of bed and put on those yoga pants, but resist the urge. You never know when you’re going to have to hop on a video conference call. So you will need to look presentable. Make sure you have your cup of coffee and/or breakfast. Create a dedicated workspace in your home. This will help you focus and stay organized. Then, get online and set your goals for the day.


Many of us are conditioned to check our Facebook newsfeed the minute we open our eyes. Who doesn’t want to see what Tucker Budzyn, the famous Golden Retriever, is up to in his latest video? You may also be tempted to find out what the latest trend is on TikTok. We have also been programmed to react to social media posts by liking, commenting and/or sharing. But all of these actions result in loss of productivity, decreased performance and costly mistakes. You can avoid some of these disruptions when you are working remotely by turning off your notifications on these social media apps. Then, you can schedule some time when you are on your lunch break or after you’ve finished working to get back on. The world will not end if you don’t share that “breaking news” story and you won’t lose a friend because you didn’t immediately “like” his or her post. It’s all going to be OK.


If you don’t know what a coworking space is, simply put, it is working with others in a shared workspace. More than likely, you are not doing the same sort of work that the other people in the workspace are doing, but that’s OK because you’re part of a community. A coworking office is like a regular office without the office politics or having to clock in/out. You have the opportunity to network with other remote workers and build a community.

So if you’ve been working from home and dealing with all of the distractions that come with it, then working remotely at a coworking space may be the solution you’ve been looking for. Coworking spaces offer a range of membership options: Full and part-time memberships, open workspaces, dedicated desks and private offices. Other perks include fresh-brewed gourmet coffee, ultra-fast internet, free parking, printing, faxing and mailing services to name a few. Sometimes a change in environment can work wonders for mitigating distractions.

One final note: None of us really know when will COVID-19 subside. Will we ever go back to the office full-time? When can we take these darn masks off? But one thing is certain, working remotely is going to be the new norm for many of us for a long time. Wishing you success, health and productivity.

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